Our brothers are currently competing to win a 10th consecutive All-University Intramural Championship title. It should be noted that this success on the playing field has always been combined with a strong desire to maintain sportsmanship and respect before, during, and after the game. We require freshmen to participate in a minimum of two intramural sports with almost all of our active members participating in intramural’s as well.

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  • Flag Football (2013-14 Champs)
  • Basketball (2012-13 Champs)
  • Soccer (2013-14 Champs)
  • Softball (2012-13 Champs)
  • Volleyball (2013-14 Champs)
  • Swimming (2013-14 Champs)
  • Tennis (2011-12 Singles/Doubles Champs)
  • Racquetball (2011-12 Champs)