Our brothers are currently competing to win an 11th consecutive All-University Intramural Championship title. It should be noted that this success on the playing field has always been combined with a strong desire to maintain sportsmanship and respect before, during, and after the game. We require freshmen to participate in a minimum of two intramural sports with almost all of our active members participating in intramurals as well. We are currently 1st in point totals, one month away from our 11th consecutive Intramural title.

You can learn more about K-State Intramurals Here.


  • Flag Football (2014-15)
  • Basketball (2014-15)
  • Soccer (2014-15)
  • Softball (2013-14)
  • Volleyball (2013-14)
  • Swimming (2014-15)
  • Tennis (2011-12 Singles/Doubles Champs)
  • Racquetball (2011-12 Champs)
credit: K-State Rec Services

credit: K-State Rec Services