The Gamma Epsilon Chapter upholds a long and distinguished tradition of academic excellence, and this is largely a result of our structured scholarship program. Some of the methods we administer in attempting to help our pledges achieve academic success include minimum GPA requirements, mandatory study hours, a study file system that is constantly updated, monetary incentive programs, a pledge dad program that is designed to foster academic acclaim for pledges, and an unparalleled study environment.

The house includes several designated study areas including: the Trophy Room, the Card Room, the Living Room, and  a computer lab that holds 1 Windows based computer and 1 Mac based computer equipped with flat screen monitors. Also in the computer lab is a laser printer, a photocopy machine, and a scanner. The computers are maintained to ensure that they are up to date on hardware and software alike. Other study amenities that are available at Beta are wireless Internet throughout the house, as well as an assigned desk for each  pledge in their "desk rooms". Also, every freshmen class has its own Scholarship Chairman who is with the freshmen every evening to aid them with their studies. Active members must also obtain a minimum GPA to avoid falling into a probationary status and can receive in-house scholarships based on their GPA during the Fall semesters.

A broad spectrum of majors are also represented in the house; from engineering to pre-medicine or pre-law, and architecture to computer science. Recognizing that we are at Kansas State to first and foremost earn a degree, we work to make the experience at Gamma Epsilon one that enhances and enriches our brother's education, rather than inhibiting it. With the countless resources that Beta provides, academic success becomes second nature for every member.

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